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Every day, Pelam Foods ships more than 20 tonnes of food and drink to over 50 countries around the world.

Orders from across our different suppliers can be consolidated and shipped together to specific destinations. We work in close co-operation with several consolidation and freight companies throughout the UK and Europe and can create packages to suit all transport requirements whether by land, sea or air to save transport costs.

Pelam Foods can manage, on behalf of suppliers and customers, a total supply chain solution: covering logistics, data compliance, payment, currency and documentation to enable the transaction to run smoothly. We have the technical knowledge that enables us to complete electronic Customs entries in-house, we also have close relationships with both the suppliers and local chamber of commerce to obtain various certificates and documentation.  Our internal structure means that we are trained to handle a multitude of roles which ensures an efficient turnaround of enquiries and orders.


Our Markets

We currently handle exports to over 50 countries across the world.

Our primary strengths are in the Mediterranean and European markets, but we also deal with companies in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

We are continuously looking to extend our partners' network and have extensive knowledge and experience to understand the requirements of different markets.


Our Services

We pride ourselves not only on the level of service that we offer to our customers but also on the services that we are able to provide to our suppliers.

We aim to identify our customers' needs and then tailor a package that meets their requirements. We offer several different services from Ex-Works to CFR foreign ports; we believe that this flexibility and understanding of customers' requirements leads to long and mutually beneficial relationships. In many respects, we view these companies as our partners in the market and look to work together as much as possible.

We are continually looking to expand our network of partnerships whilst maintaining the same level of day-to-day personal contact.

At Pelam Foods we know it is very difficult for a UK company to understand a market in the same way as an in-market distributor. For this reason, we feel that for a product, brand or range to be properly represented in a market, it is vital to work with well trusted local distributors and establish a long term relationship.

Pelam Foods can offer a service to suppliers by handling exports to markets too small to justify internal investment but which may still be a suitable market for their products. Pelam Foods takes on payment risk of international transactions and simplifies the process for those companies.

We export all over the world
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