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Pelam Foods Limited is a small family-owned and operated business based in the Southeast of the UK just outside London. It was established in 1989 and has achieved considerable growth during this time. Now supplying over 50 countries, we consistently supply our in-market partners with exceptional customer service.  Proudly gaining recognition for this in 2005 and 2010 by receiving the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade.

International trade is affected by many factors from politics to personal relationships. The food and drink market is hugely diverse and constantly changing. UK products are in great demand across the globe. Our network of international partners enables us to respond to the changing environment and deliver major UK brands and niche products to markets across the world.

Working closely with the manufacturers we ensure that the integrity of their brands is upheld in international markets. We maintain complete transparency with our suppliers as to the destination of their goods.  The reputation of Pelam Foods and therefore our customers and suppliers are at the forefront of our ethos and this pursuit of ongoing excellence is our primary focus.


Our History

Pelam Foods Limited was established in 1989 by Colin and Janice Lambourne in their family home.

Colin Lambourne formed the company after many years of experience in the export department of a UK multi-national food company. It was founded with the goal of reaching a niche market in the Spanish tourist sector and we also handled our own brands to begin with- Pelam and St Paul.

Expanding from this Pelam Foods Limited soon became a UK source for several companies around the world. Since 1989 Pelam Foods Limited has developed close relationships with distributors in a growing number of international markets and in turn UK suppliers both large and small.  We also have developed firm relationships with hauliers and warehouses

Now based in purpose-built offices in Chesham, Pelam Foods remains 100% family owned and run and is into its second generation bringing fresh passion to the business whilst maintaining the company's core values. 

In both 2005 and 2010 Pelam Foods was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade in recognition of our continued growth and success, due to our hard work and attention to detail.


Our Philosophy

We believe the secret to our success is simply the service that we provide and the knowledge we hold. Our business has grown due to our ability to meet the requirements of our customers promptly and professionally and provide export solutions for suppliers.

We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and respond by sourcing the relevant products from the manufacturers, direct from the factory.

We make no claims to be able to provide a global solution to UK manufacturers but believe that we have the required knowledge and contacts to ease the path to market in specific countries.

Due to our compact size and detailed product knowledge, we are responsive to the needs of the customer and can answer many questions immediately. This level of service has been the basis of developing long term relationships across the globe. We believe that it is the level of service and commitment that we can offer that separates us from our competitors.

We are continually looking to expand our network of partnerships whilst maintaining the same level of day-to-day personal contact.

Our Future

In the future, we want to continue the growth of the company in a controlled way. We have seen great growth over the years, and we recognise the coming years as an opportunity to further develop. To enable us to grow whilst maintaining the same level of service to our customers we are putting in place new systems and looking to extend our workforce.

The second, and hopefully third generations will bring fresh ideas and skills to enhance the already established business model and enable us to develop new contacts and grow the business.

As we grow, we will maintain a focus on our core values of service and integrity.

Continuity is the key at Pelam Foods, by remaining a fully family owned business; everyone is dedicated to the success of the company and its continued growth.

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